Activating Planar Space



Paul Higgs – Drawing 2015.

Lecturers: Paul Higgs and Roger Crawford

Venue: Building 25 @ NAS

Students will explore the concepts of activating planar space through obsevational drawing and extended drawing.

Students will make three dimensional works in space to inform their thinking about drawing as building and constructing on a flat space.


Find new concepts of constructing compositions in space.

Develop critical visual thinking through finding making and analysis.

Explore line and plain relationships through construction and visual perception.

Explore the different weights of the colour of line in space.

Explore the play with chance and not knowing.

Explore evolving ideas found through expanding ones capacity to play without knowing. Explore the direction work itself wants you to take.

Explore the cross overs from the real to the abstract.

Explore risk and the willingness to take something apart.


Roger Crawford


Day 1 – buliding construction manipulation.

day 2 – refinement.

day 3  -am – group discussion – critical thought and understanding. Pm – new work begin again.

day 4 – studio exhibition & continuing conversations.

Paul Higgs:

Paul has taught at NAS since 2000. He writes that

‘My work lately has re-focused on working with collage and construction. This satisfies my need to physically hold and to connect with the objects I compose with. The visual possibilities and meaning created by the interplay of the found, the drawn and the coloured elements I work with are infinite. Things happen when a work is lived out, becomes a real event in the studio and thus always with the possibility of failure.’


Roger Crawford:

This is Roger’s fourth decade working in the Drawing Department. He writes that ‘Process and time are the most recognisable components that I use and value in all aspects of my practice. Drawing allows the opportunity to discover and to innovate, to take risks, to develop ways of thinking and making, sustaining us each day in our work

I will bring some of my drawing books during class time to show the class what I do. Represented by Watters Gallery.’




Reference Artist: to be added to

P.Mondrian. H.Matisse. P.Picasso. J.Bueys

A.Giacometti. K.Schwitters E.Kelley.
P .Cezanne


K.Malevich R.Diebenkorn R.Rachenberg Kienholz R.Gascoigne J.Turrell D.Smith



Feature image: Vortex in the Play of Theater with Real Passion: In memory of Kay Stockholder