Experimental Collaborative Drawing


Lecturer: Luke Thurgate

Venue: Building 25 @ NAS


This workshop explores drawing as a framework for collaboration. Students will work together in different size groups, employing various experimental strategies for producing collaborative drawings. Students will work at multiple scales using a range of drawing materials. These process driven exercises introduce ideas around authorship, agency and empathy.

The workshop will then culminate in students developing a co-directed system for drawing collaboratively. Students will be encouraged to focus on risk taking, shared experience, and the conceptual and technical possibilities of drawing collaboratively.

The workshop will also include a discussion of historical and contemporary examples of collaboration.



Luke Thurgate:

Luke Thurgate is an artist and educator based in Adelaide. He currently lectures in the Drawing Department at Adelaide Central School of Art where he also works as the Public Programs Manager. His work explores notions of collaboration, value, participation, masculinity, romance and death.


Luke Thurgate and Chelsea Lehman, Face Off, 2016 acrylic and charcoal on wall (image of opening night audience interaction)


Robert Rauschenberg – Erased De Kooing



The Chapman Bothers – Insult to Injury




Jake and Dinos Chapman, This is Worse


Los Carpinteros



Los Carpinteros, Granero Infectado 

Featured image: Magnano sisters http://raddestrightnow.blogspot.com.au/2009/05/gabriella-silvana-mangano.html