Drawing Machines


monash_02Lecturer: Gary Warner

Venue: Building 16 North

‘Drawing Machines’ are many kinds of autonomous devices and systems for the production of drawings. Building and using drawing machines is an exciting way of exploring mark-making, composition, colour, geometry, abstraction, seriality and non-objective imagery, as well as concept and design development, problem solving and making.

Participants will learn about the history and variety of drawing machines, engage in hands-on experimentation with various devices including a unique 3-pendulum harmonograph, and devise, design, build, refine and activate original drawing machines and ‘drawbots’.

The workshop begins with an introductory drawing machines presentation about mechanical automata, scientific instruments, parlour entertainments, the strong lineage of 20th and 21st century artist projects, and recent experiments with digital media.

This is followed by hands-on development of drawing machines through experimentation, doing and making. The workshop presents creative challenges of design, implementation and refinement as well as exploration of media and mediums, colour, texture, composition and presentation. Participants will be actively guided in the development and refinement of their individual drawing machine concepts.

Workshop outcomes will include an exhibition of drawings and devices, and video documentation that will be posted on Gary Warner’s ‘drawing machines’ Vimeo channel.


Drawing Week 2015

Gary Warner:

Gary Warner (garywarner.net, cdpmedia.com.au ) is an artist and art worker with over 35 years experience across many aspects of cultural production. He has built and exhibited various drawing machines, has been running a ‘drawing machines’ vimeo channel since 2008, and has conducted inspiring drawing machine workshops at UTS and NAS, Sydney, and Monash University, Melbourne.


Gary Warner, NAS Open Day 2015

Useful Links:

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Monash Workshop


NAS Drawing Week 2015