Drawing Movement


Lecturer: Maryanne Coutts

Venue: Chapel @ NAS

Be warned! there will be no still poses in this life drawing workshop. This is an opportunity to explore ways of understanding movement through drawing. Throughout the week two models who are also dancers will move in ways that are specifically designed for drawing. You will be encouraged to bring a sense of dance into your drawings as well as use movement and a sense of time to expand the possibilities of your work.


You will need lots of paper and drawing materials to experiment with.


Heather Hansen

Maryanne Coutts:

Maryanne Coutts is head of Drawing at the National Art School. Her drawing practice, which is based in rigorous observation explores ways that images relate to experience. Her work consequently embraces drawing projects which engage with mass produced imagery, movement. These interests are expressed primarily through watercolour and animation. She has exhibited extensively throughout Australia and overseas. Her commitment to a daily drawing practice can be viewed at https://mcdrawingprojects.wordpress.com

While when we are drawing from observation, we tend to like things to stay still, the world is actually moving! Here are some artists who bring intense skills in looking to subjects that are on the move.

Claude Heath



August Rodin



Cambodian Dancer


Sculpture of Nijinski


Drawing by Nijinski

Heather Hansen


Featured image by Ella Dreyfus. Drawing Week 2016