Drawing in the library


Lecturers: John Bokor, Therese Keogh & Deborah Beck

Venue: State Library of NSW


John Bokor, drawing from the State Library Residency 2015


Whether you’re interested in the physical spaces of libraries, the knowledge that they store or the systems that libraries use for organising information, this project will let you spend four days in the magnificent State Library of NSW. You will have the opportunity to draw in the historic Mitchell Library as well as the intriguing modern sections of architecture that make up the complex. Library staff will introduce you to the vast wealth of geographic maps, architectural plans, historic prints, photographs and drawings as well as archives of the personal papers of significant Australian artists.

If libraries are your ‘place’ here’s your opportunity to get to know this important building and collection intimately. If the ‘archive’ project in second year was (or will be) your driving force, then come and explore the depth of possibilities that research based drawing can offer. A week spent here could fuel a life long love and association with one of our most intriguing and diverse resources.









John Bokor, drawing from the State Library Residency, 2015

John Bokor, drawing from the State Library of NSW Residency, 2015

John Bokor, drawing from the State Library Residency, 2015

John Bokor, drawing from the State Library of NSW Residency, 2015

Resources and References:

All pictures on this page courtesy State Library of New South Wales

The Library’s general website is http://www.sl.nsw.gov.au/

You can see curated stories about the collections at http://www.sl.nsw.gov.au/stories

Pictorial material can be found in the manuscripts and pictures catalogue at http://acmssearch.sl.nsw.gov.au/s/search.html?collection=slnsw. If you select the button records with images you will only see collection material that has been digitised.

There is a site on the Holtermann collection at http://www.sl.nsw.gov.au/stories/holtermann-collection – if you scroll down to the bottom of these pages, you can see images from the collection which can be zoomed in on, for their detail. You can also find these images in the pictures catalogue by searching using the words holtermann and hill end.


Lecturers: John Bokor

State Library of NSW, SLNSW, Artist in Residence, John Bokor

John Bokor

John Bokor is a  representational painter who was the inaugural Artist-in-Residence at the State Library of NSW in 2015. For more:



Deborah Beck is a painter and author who has taught in art schools for over twenty years and is currently lecturer in drawing and archivist at NAS. She has held 17 solo shows and exhibited as a finalist in the Adelaide Perry Drawing Prize and the Dobell Prize for Drawing at the Art Gallery of NSW. Her most recent book, a study of sculptor Rayner Hoff, has just gone to print.



Therese Keogh

Therese Keogh is a Sydney-based artist, working with drawing, writing, and sculpture. In her practice Keogh employs research methods to create multi-layered projects examining structures that produce and transform space through an engagement with time, site, and histories of making. Working with a range of materials, processes, and poetics Keogh investigates historical approaches to land and making, by bringing together artistic modes of production with chemical experimentation and agricultural practices.


Keogh has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions around Australia. An interest in collaborative practice, and interdisciplinary discourse, has led her to work with other artists, farming communities, and archaeologists. Her site-based spatial practice has allowed her to exhibit in a variety of spaces outside of a gallery context, including farm properties, and wetlands in country Victoria.